Automotive Industries Global Audience

Automotive Industries Readership Estimate based on publishers figures

Automotive Industries actual printed copies 7,087 at 3 readers per copy = 21,261 readers in print plus Automotive Industries actual web usage statistics pages 101,553,201 (usage reports)

TOTAL Ai readership in print & online, more than 18,000 manufacturers and suppliers 

Automotive Industries provides manufacturers and suppliers with in-depth news, information, insight and analysis on the global events that affect the auto industry

A General/Corporate Management,

B Engineering and Design,

C Purchasing,

D Manufacturing/Production Engineering,

E Manufacturing/Production Operations,

F Sales/Marketing/Communications,

G Information Technology, Logistics & Finance

Who reads Automotive Industries? We distribute Automotive Industries to presidents, vice presidents of purchasing, supply, manufacturing, engineering, quality, logistics & finance at the carmakers worldwide representing $1 Trillion dollars of investment in automotive components and also Top suppliers worldwide

1st/2nd reading preference
90% of readers say Automotive Industries is their first or second reading choice

Automotive Industries Job Titles:

  • A General/Corporate Management: Chairman, President, CEO, Managing Director, General or Division Manager, Senior or Executive VP, Other Senior Management.
  • B Engineering and Design: Vice President of Engineering, Chief Engineer, Designer, Stylist, Project Engineer, Director of Research & Development, Evaluation Engineer, Other Engineering Personnel.
  • C Purchasing: Vice President of Purchasing, Director Of Purchasing, Purchasing Manager, Purchasing Agent, Buyer, Other Purchasing Titles.
  • D Manufacturing/Production Engineering: Vice President, Director, Manager, Engineer, Plant Engineer.
  • E Manufacturing/Production Operations: Vice President, Director, Manager, Plant Manager, Supervisor, Other Manufacturing Titles.
  • F Sales/Marketing/Communications: Vice President, Director, Manager, Other Marketing Titles.
  • G Information Technology, Logistics & Finance:

Automotive Industries
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