Issue: Apr 2006

ICOP In-Car Video System Exonerates Police Officer

by John Larkin

ICOP Digital, Inc. a leading provider of digital in-car video systems for law enforcement, today reported that it has been notified by the Pocatello Police Department in Pocatello, Idaho that video footage captured on the ICOP Model 20/20 served as evidence to exonerate a police officer involved in a traffic accident that occurred at an intersection controlled by a traffic signal.

According to Major Michael Stayner, Assistant Chief of Police at the Pocatello Police Department, \"The officer claimed that he had the green light. The operator of the other vehicle was not sure if his light was red or green. Because the ICOP Model 20/20 installed in the police vehicle features a built- in one-minute pre-record feature (automatically triggered by the unit\'s \'crash sensor\'), we were able to replay the video and confirm that the officer did indeed have the green light right away. The ICOP video not only vindicated the officer, but will be invaluable evidence against the other driver in a court of law.\"

Continuing, Major Stayner added, \"Most impressive was the fact that despite the car collision, the ICOP Model 20/20 remained firmly in place in the dash and continued to capture video before, during and after the accident. Moreover, there were no parts flying around the car that could have injured the officer.\" Unlike competitive in-car video systems that require the installation of a monitor and control panel over the officer\'s head -- and weigh up to 16 pounds and are secured with as few as two screws -- the entire ICOP Model 20/20 fits in the vehicle dashboard, replacing the radio unit (an AM/FM tuner is built into the ICOP product). There are no parts in the trunk, under the seat or installed overhead, where it can obstruct vision or present a serious safety threat to an officer in the event of an accident.

Customer wins

Avon Police Department in Indiana has reordered additional ICOP Model 20/20 units for its patrol fleet.

The Department's Assistant Chief of Police, Rob Paris, noted, "The ICOP Model 20/20 has proven to be an invaluable tool in our enforcement efforts. There simply is not a better in-car video system on the market." From an administrative point of view, Paris added, "The people at ICOP have been fantastic. Their attention to detail and excellent customer service continues to make the 'ICOP experience' very pleasant and hugely productive."

About the ICOP Model 20/20(TM)

The rugged ICOP Model 20/20(TM) records using full VGA, providing maximum image quality and integrity of data (preventing unauthorized access and editing of video files). For further precision, pressing the \"Mark\" button records exact event location for easy retrieval (using built-in GPS). The user-friendly ICOP Video Management System(TM) archives, searches, copies and displays two video images simultaneously. In addition, digital video footage can be readily formatted for the courtroom; converted to AVI (Windows Media Player(R)) and MPEG II(R) formats; or transferred to DVD, CD or VHS tape.

About ICOP Digital, Inc.

ICOP Digital, Inc. is a Kansas-based company that delivers innovative, mission-critical security, surveillance, and communications solutions that provide timely and accurate information for the public and private sectors, and monitor and protect people, assets and profits. The ICOP Model 20/20(TM) is the leading digital in-car video recorder system for use by law enforcement. ICOP Digital is currently marketing its solutions for application in law enforcement, homeland security and defense, mass transit and commercial surveillance. ICOP Digital, an approved GSA contractor, is dual listed on the NASDAQ market and the NYSE Arca, and the common stock and warrants trade under the ticker symbols \"ICOP\" and \"ICOPW,\" respectively. For more information, please visit , or view a 3-minute movie about ICOP at .

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