Issue: Apr 2006

Automakers recognize safety as a principal priority for every new car on the road

Mobileye Vision Technologies Providing Applications for Delphi's Collision Mitigation System

by John Larkin

Mobileye N.V. are providing their EyeQ Vision system-on-a-chip, including a Lane Departure Warning (LDW) application and Vehicle Detection technology for Radar/Vision Fusion for Delphi's Advanced Collision Mitigation Systems. Mobileye made the announcement at the SAE 2006 World Congress. The EyeQ Vision system-on-a-chip will be used in Delphi's systems for a near-term European automotive platform.

The system includes Delphi's Forewarn Smart Cruise Control with Stop and Go, Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning. The system also has capabilities to add IR (infrared) Active Night Vision.

Mobileye's EyeQ chip and application software suite includes lane, vehicle and pedestrian detection and intelligent headlight control. The software suite has won production awards with automakers worldwide. The applications cover a wide range of driver assistance and active safety application that are expected to be in production between 2007 - 2010.

"Automakers recognize safety as a principal priority for every new car on the road," said Professor Amnon Shashua, Mobileye's Chairman and Chief Scientist. "Manufacturers using our system have a competitive advantage and are doing something demonstrably to save lives."

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