Issue: Dec 2002

Cars Worth Noting - 2003 Peugeot 307

2003 Peugeot 307

by Andrea Wielgat

Its not often we have the chance to drive a Peugeot here on the streets of suburban Detroit. But thanks to one of our supplier friends we had the opportunity to take the Peugeot 307 for a ride.

This is one of Peugeot's biggest sellers. A compact car to us, Europeans would consider this mid-range. All the AI editors drove the 307 and all of us were impressed with the vehicle.

Our 307 was equipped with Peugeots 2.0L HDi 90 hp engine which was torquey yet surprisingly quiet. Whats so special about this engine is that it has Siemens VDO's high-speed switching piezo crystals instead of traditional solenoid valves.

This technology uses the precise injection developed for ink jet printers. It allows minimal quantities of fuel to be metered with extreme accuracy and the start of injection at multiple times during each engine stroke, says Siemens VDO. The piezo technology results in decreased fuel consumption and pollution. It is also quieter. Even with the windows down we could barely tell it was a diesel.

All of us were also impressed with the 307s interior room. This small car has plenty of back seat space and even more headroom. No cramped quarters here.

The interior was lacking all the bells and whistles often found in the 307s highly-competitive segment including fairly substandard cup holders. But I will chalk this one up to the European disdain for eating and drinking while driving.

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