Issue: Mar 2009

Scuderi Group Patent Portfolio Continues Growth Worldwide

Scuderi Engine Now Has 200+ Patents, 72 Issued in 50+ Countries as Company Plans for First Public Unveiling of Prototype

by Lenny Case

With only a few weeks to go until the first public unveiling of the highly anticipated Scuderi Engine, the Scuderi Group announced today it has secured patent protection for its critical valve technologies. The company now has more than 200 patents, including 72 issued in more than 50 countries in its global patent portfolio.

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A model of the first Scuderi Engine prototype will be formally introduced to the automotive industry April 20 in Detroit at the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress. When fully developed through its forthcoming Turbo-Charged and Air-Hybrid added components, the technology is expected to be the most significant advancement in internal combustion engines since the Otto Cycle over 130 years ago. Further, the engine emits up to 80 percent less nitrogen oxides than any vehicle on the road today.

The latest patents represent further protection of the engine's intellectual property as the Scuderi Group enters an important time for the technology and its licensing efforts.

"The valve train is one of the most critical parts of a working engine, which is why these patents are so significant to the progress of the Scuderi Engine," said Scuderi Group Vice President and Patent Attorney Stephen Scuderi. "The better the valve train works, the better the engine works. These latest patents cover the technology allowing the Scuderi Engine to run in all conditions."

Three Scuderi Engine valve technologies recently patented worldwide:

1. Valve Seating Control Device that adjusts valve speed to prevent wear and damage in a camless split-cycle engine

2. Valve Lash Adjustments that adjust valve speed to prevent wear and damage in a cam-driven system

3. Valve Seat Insert designed to accommodate the high impact stress of outwardly opening valves in the Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine

In an effort to further strengthen the Scuderi patent operations, the company also announced the appointment of Patent Agent Philip Scuderi. As the newest member of the Scuderi team, he played a key role in securing this latest round of patents. Prior to joining the Scuderi Group, Philip was a highly rated and award-winning Patent Examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In his new position, Philip will continue assisting in the company's efforts to safeguard Scuderi Engine IP, investors and licensees.

The basic Scuderi Engine is a split-cycle design that divides the four strokes of a standard engine over a paired combination of one
(intake/compression) cylinder and one (power/exhaust) cylinder. By firing after top-dead center, it produces highly efficient and clean-burning combustion with one cylinder, and compressed air with the other. These two cylinders perform their respective functions once per crankshaft revolution. Besides the improvements in efficiency and emissions, test results have shown that the Scuderi Engine is capable of producing more torque than conventional gasoline and diesel engines.

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