Issue: Nov 2009

EON Reality Installs EON Software for Ashok Leyland, Indian Automobile Manufacturer

by Steve Barclay

EON Reality, the world\\\'s leading interactive 3D software provider, installs EON Professional for Ashok Leyland, India\\\'s second largest commercial vehicles and diesel engine manufacturer. During the process of rolling out the first products on the all-new product platform -- UNITRUCK, completely designed and built by Ashok Leyland R&D -- the company used visualization technology from EON Reality to help increase effectiveness in the production process and engineer design.

Nils Andersson from EON Development visited Ashok Leyland\\\'s head office in Chennai for a 4-day training and installation of EON Professional, EON Studio and EON CAD Software. \"Today Ashok Leyland has 100 manufacturing engineers working on CAD systems. We brought the CAD models into EON\\\'s software and displayed them using a 3D projector and 3D glasses. The experience of the truck in a virtual reality environment made it easier for Ashok Leyland\\\'s engineers to detect problems in just a couple of minutes. This is a very cost effective way of visualizing a product that helps minimize design errors before actually rolling out for production. In an age when computer software systems are now so advanced that interiors can be sketched in 2D software, designed, engineered and analyzed for safety in a 3D immersive virtual reality environment before a single part ever gets made, the time consuming and costly old way of making things seems nothing short of antiquated.\"

Ashok Leyland has been a major presence in India\\\'s medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry with a tradition of technological leadership, achieved through tie-ups with international technology leaders and through vigorous in-house R&D. The developmental work on the new family of engines has already reached an advanced stage and will soon be putting the first batch into production. The country\\\'s first H-CNG engine marks a significant development in the realm of alternate fuels in which the company has been a leader. H-CNG, which is a blend of CNG and 20% Hydrogen, will soon usher in a new era of lower emissions and a greener, cleaner environment.

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