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Issue: Mar 2010

AI interview with Bernd Gessner, General Manager Automotive, austriamicrosystems AG

by Steve Barclay

Austrian firm austriamicrosystems AG, is a world leader in designing and manufacturing high performance analog integrated circuits or ICs. Its products are used in sensors and sensor interfaces in the automotive, power management, medical, communications and industrial sectors. In December this year, austriamicrosystems launched two new in-vehicle-network ICs – the AS8520 and AS8530. 

The AS8520 is dedicated to LIN slaves which can be found in car doors, car roof modules, seat modules or similar applications providing the transceiver, a voltage regulator, four-wire micro controller interface for window watchdog, diagnosis and backup register access, as well as two relay drivers and a resistive attenuator. The AS8530 is a general purpose companion IC for LIN slaves providing the transceiver, a LDO and a shared pin microcontroller interface with window watchd...

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