Issue: Mar 2010

Testing of Scuderi Engine at Part Load Shows Consistent Combustion

by Lenny Case

Independent laboratory test results of the Scuderi Engine prototype at part load show a coefficient of variability (COV) of 2.5 - 4 percent, it was announced today. This range, which measures the variance between each combustion cycle, proves that the Scuderi Cycle's combustion process is as consistent as that of a conventional Otto Cycle engine, which in many cases has a wider COV range.

Testing of the naturally aspirated, one-liter gasoline engine at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, TX, continues to meet or exceed the initial computer simulations. The current testing program, which will map the engine from idle to 4000 rpm, measures how the engine operates under a variety of driving speeds up to full throttle -- or "full load."

"While exploring the engine speeds in the range of 1000 to 3250 rpm, we continue to see extremely successful and consistent combustion," commented Stephen Scuderi, vice president and patent attorney for Scuderi Group. "We continue to be extremely pleased with the test results."

The Scuderi Engine employs a new and proven thermodynamic process known as the Scuderi Cycle, which is expected to be the most significant advancement in internal combustion engines since the inception of the Otto Cycle over 130 years ago. The Scuderi Engine's design separates the four strokes of a conventional engine over two paired cylinders. One cylinder does intake/compression while the other cylinder does power/exhaust. Using a unique combustion process known as "firing after top-dead center," the Scuderi Engine has more power, higher efficiency and lower emissions than a conventional gasoline engine.

To listen to a podcast in which Stephen Scuderi describes recent laboratory test results on the Scuderi Engine at part load, visit
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About Scuderi Group

Based in West Springfield, Mass., USA, with offices in Frankfurt, Germany, Scuderi Group, LLC is a research and development company focused on proliferating its technology through R&D and licensing. Its revolutionary Scuderi Cycle technology, when fully developed, is expected to be the most significant improvement in internal combustion engine efficiency in over 130 years. Scuderi Group's global patent portfolio contains more than 400 patents applications filed in more than 50 countries with more than 100 issued. For more information call 1-413-439-0343 or visit

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