Issue: Mar 2010

ITM Power Buys Hy9 Hydrogen Purifiers for Vehicle Refueling Station

by Jon Knox

Hy9 Corporation (, a leading manufacturer of hydrogen generators and hydrogen purifiers for energy and transportation applications, announced today the sale of its HPS industrial scale hydrogen purifiers for use in ITM Power's Transportable Hydrogen Refueling Station. The primary barrier to the acceptance of hydrogen for fueling vehicles is the guarantee of pure hydrogen. ITM Power's Transportable Hydrogen Refueling Station overcomes that barrier by providing hydrogen vehicle operators with the means to fuel their fleets with cost effective, pure hydrogen. Hy9's HPS purification system will deliver hydrogen in excess of 99.9999% purity, ensuring ITM systems meet the latest stringent ISO standards for fuel purity and work seamlessly with hydrogen internal combustion and fuel cell vehicles.

Dr. Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power, said, "We are pleased to be working with Hy9 as part of our hydrogen refueling infrastructure deployment. Hy9's hydrogen purifiers provide ITM the assurance that our hydrogen refueling station will provide the highest quality hydrogen fuel for H-ICE and fuel cell vehicle fleets, demonstrating hydrogen as a zero carbon transportation fuel, available today."

According to Brad Bradshaw, CEO of Hy9, "Hy9 appreciates having the opportunity to supply hydrogen purifiers to ITM Power as part of their Transportable Hydrogen Refueling Station, providing a zero carbon transportation fuel. Hy9's HPS Hydrogen Purifiers provide a proven, cost effective and compact purification solution, ensuring customers receive the highest grade hydrogen for their transportation applications."

Hy9 has close to 1,000 hydrogen purifiers operating in customer facilities around the world, with a minimum of 3 million hours of operation over a period of 10 years. The HPS purifier is an absolute barrier to contaminants, allowing only pure hydrogen to pass through the membrane. The company has sold purifiers for use in a wide range of applications including laboratory gas generators, backup power, fork lift refueling, combined heat and power, vehicle refueling and hydrogen recycling.

Economic -- Hy9's purifiers are the lowest cost option for reliably producing high purity hydrogen as compared to PSA systems, silver-palladium purifiers and other complex purification schemes.

Robust and Reliable Designs -- Hy9 hydrogen purifiers employ planar palladium/copper alloy materials that are not subject to hydrogen induced metal fatigue during thermal cycles as are other palladium alloys. Customers no longer need be concerned with the potential damage that could result from impurities in the product stream.

About ITM Power

ITM Power ( has developed a range of materials and technology to reduce the cost of hydrogen production. The company is developing equipment to convert renewable energy to a clean fuel; storing the energy as green hydrogen for decarbonising transport, industrial and residential applications. ITM are exhibiting at the Hannover Messe 2010 & NHA 2010.

About Hy9 Corporation

Based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts (USA), Hy9 Corporation designs, manufactures and sells low-cost, high-performance hydrogen generators and hydrogen purifiers for the portable and stationary/backup power, industrial gas and transportation markets. Hy9 recently introduced our HGS family of hydrogen generators for backup and stationary power, targeting wireless telecommunications and combined heat and power applications. Hy9's HGS family of hydrogen generators run on either methanol or natural gas, reliably, efficiently and cost effectively producing high purity hydrogen for PEM fuel cells. Hy9's HPS purifiers give customers the assurance that they are consistently and reliably receiving hydrogen for their applications at greater than 99.9999% purity.

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