Issue: Aug 2010

AVEC to Debut New Product, Partners and Financiers at AUVSI in Denver August 23, 2010

by Steve Barclay

Axial Vector Energy Corporation has joined a consortium to build, fly and market a new heavy fuel UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) at the AUVSI Unmanned Systems North America show in Denver, Colorado August 24-27.

The new UAV will be powered by an AVEC Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), which is a heavy fuel / Electric Hybrid Power / Propulsion System. AVEC will also be contracting to sell the newly patented power plant individually to various military and civilian applications users.

Mission requirements for UAV's have expanded dramatically requiring extended endurance, increased power, and low altitude maneuverability in urban environments. Ground launched and air-dropped systems in the 50 - 150 lb class cannot meet mission requirements on electric power alone. However, by using compact hybrid systems that burn heavy fuels the UAV has sufficient power for takeoff and the ability to charge batteries during time aloft. This ensures the craft can run silent at low altitudes and still have the ability to charge batteries when the craft is at higher altitudes or does not need to run at silent mode. Since the UAV can be operated on electric motor alone, heavy fuel engine alone, or combination of both the hybrid system also addresses one redundancy requirement needed to operate UAVs in US urban areas.

Hybridization will enable users to take advantage of quiet, efficient operation of electric-based propulsion while also taking advantage of the power density of IC engines.

Sam Higgins, AVEC's Chairman, noted, "The AUVSI show is the perfect showcase to introduce our product, development partners and financiers who have made this possible."

Douglas Hahn, AVEC Chief Engineer, stated, "This product has worldwide military uses of course but also has huge potential in Commercial Applications such as Law enforcement, Homeland Security, and emergency services. Unmanned Air Systems performing intelligence, surveillance, search and rescue, and disaster relief missions."

Governor Bill Ritter will officially open AUVSI's Unmanned Systems North America 2010 on Tuesday, 24 August with a Keynote address welcoming more than 5,500 members of the global unmanned systems community to Colorado. His remarks will also include insight into his efforts to support knowledge-based industries of the future such as aerospace, information technology and energy. Governor Ritter heads a stellar line up of keynote speakers for the week.


The Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI) is the world's largest non-profit organization representing over 6,000 individuals in more than 50 countries and is devoted to advancing the unmanned systems community. AUVSI with members from government organization s, industry and academia is committed to fostering, developed and promoting unmanned systems and related technologies.

About Axial Vector Energy Corporation

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AVEC) is a global solutions provider that owns, develops, invest in and licenses revolutionary technologies including, internal combustion engine and electric power generator technologies that have unlimited potential in military, industrial and commercial applications. AVEC and its partners are positioned to become unrivalled leaders in international engine and energy markets with technologies that produce more efficient, cost effective, environmentally sensitive and versatile solutions for use in a wide variety of important applications around the world.

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