Issue: Sep 2010

Johnson Controls' Commercial Vehicles Batteries at IAA

High-Performance VARTA Batteries for Commercial Vehicles

by Jon Knox

Global automotive battery leader Johnson Controls is providing the power for commercial vehicles throughout Europe. A large number of the innovations that will be on display at the IAA Nutzfahrzeuge [Commercial Vehicles Trade Fair] in Hanover (23 to 30 September 2010) have Johnson Controls technology on board, including the DAF XF105.460 Blue Edition, the 8900 Volvo intercity bus and the Volvo FMX works vehicle. Johnson Controls' patented labyrinth lid, calcium technology and special micro-fibreglass mats ensure that the batteries are longer-lasting, maintenance-free and safe.

"The demands on the power supply have changed in recent years for commercial vehicles. Intercity transport, urban transport, loading platforms
- the whole modern technology requires much more power than in the past," explains Johann-Friedrich Dempwolff, Vice President Sales OEM and OES of Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA. "We have reacted early and, in cooperation with automotive manufacturers, developed the appropriate
batteries: long-lasting, fail-safe, maintenance-free, individual."

Ten times higher vibration resistance compared with standard batteries Batteries with HD (Heavy Duty) and SHD (Super Heavy Duty) technology are sold in the spare parts business under the name VARTA Promotive Silver (SHD) and Blue (HD). They are based on calcium-silver technology, with a patented labyrinth lid that causes water vapour on the battery lid to condense and flow back safely into the battery.

Calcium-silver technology gives a range of advantages with minimised water consumption and low self-discharge, both batteries have a higher shelf life of up to 18 months as well as increased corrosion protection. In addition, these maintenance-free batteries are supplied filled and charged no more acid needs to be procured or stored, which is a clear cost saving.

Because VARTA commercial vehicle batteries are low-maintenance and corrosion-proof, they can be planned into difficult-to-access areas.

The battery design guarantees a much higher cycle life and ten times higher vibration resistance compared with standard batteries.

And the micro-fibreglass mat layer that is used in SHD ensures that the active mass of the battery remains bound with the grid. This increases the service life of the battery by at least 20 percent.

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