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Issue: Oct 2011

BMW builds its DNA into new ā€œiā€ range

by Nick Palmen

BMW expects to launch purpose-designed and built electric and hybrid vehicles within the next two years. They will be very different to the current pilot fleet of electric Minis, and driving enthusiasts will still have power and acceleration on tap. Automotive Industries (AI) went to the Frankfurt Motor Show to find out more.

But first, we asked Klaus Draeger, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG for Development , what the new BMW 1 Series offers in terms of innovation and efficiency.
Draeger: Since we launched the 1 Series BMW in the premium compact segment it has sold over one million units all around the world. The new 1 Series is a continuation of this premium car segment for BMW. Of course, there are changes – the new car is a little bit longer and wider, with a little bit longer wheelbase giving more legroom at the rear as well as bigger luggage compartment. It is still a real premium compact car, but is more like a well trained athlete.

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