Issue: Feb 2013


by Esther Francis

Daikin America announces that it has installed the capability to manufacture flame retarded fluorinated electrolyte for use in Lithium ion battery applications. Daikin is uniquely positioned to supply electrolyte formulations that contain fluorinated solvents and additives. Daikin’s patented chemistries enable manufacturers to build Lithium ion batteries with greatly enhanced safety, higher energy density and longer life.

According to Gary Stanitis, Business Manager of Performance Products & Chemicals “our business model is to work closely with each battery manufacturer to establish the optimum electrolyte formulation for their design and to respond to the emerging needs of the market. In light of the recent concerns about the fire safety of Lithium ion batteries, we feel we are uniquely positioned to offer functional, flame retarded, fluorinated electrolyte formulations that significantly increase battery safety.”

In August of 2012, Daikin completed the construction of its state-of-the-art electrolyte manufacturing facility located in its plant complex in Decatur, Alabama. This facility is available to service the needs of the global Lithium ion battery industry.

Daikin America, Inc., headquartered in Orangeburg, New York, is one of the largest fluoropolymer suppliers in the world. Daikin provides molding resins, fine powders, aqueous dispersions, melt processable fluoropolymers and fluoroelastomers for many critical applications.
Daikin America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd of Osaka, Japan. Daikin is Japan’s leading manufacturer of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and fluorochemical products.

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