Issue: Nov 2013


by Jon Knox

An EU consortium managed by leading new product development contractor Pera Technology, will be exhibiting a prototype of its breakthrough electric vehicle drive train called Safedrive at the Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (EVS 27) in Barcelona from 17-20 November 2013.

The Safedrive project has successfully developed a full series hybrid vehicle drive train which includes a DC modular motor, batteries, super-capacitors, a power management system, and a DC-DC converter.

The technology, which may also be used in pure electric vehicles, uses low voltages for improved safety. It also avoids the need for expensive raw materials or rare earth elements. This low production cost will allow SME vehicle manufacturers to compete in the electric and hybrid vehicle market-place, which has been dominated by large vehicle manufacturers who use economies of scale to keep production costs low. Safedrive’s scalable common platform gives SMEs the opportunity to compete in this market.

Orlando Davy, Project Manager at Pera Technology, said: “’Safedrive is a breakthrough for SMEs who want to expand in the electric vehicle market and produce low-cost mass market low-emission vehicles. Having been involved with the Safedrive project from its conception, we are delighted that a prototype will now be exhibited at EVS 27, one of the industry’s premier platforms.

“Safedrive is a prime example of how SME financial support funds such as FP7 provide smaller companies with an opportunity to develop new products. Its low production cost allows electric vehicle SMEs access to a breakthrough piece of technology in a highly competitive market which had previously been dominated by large companies pricing out smaller rivals.”

The Safedrive drive train is both modular and scalable so it can be adapted to suit a wide range of vehicles, from small cars to heavy goods and utility vehicles. It can also be used by SMEs who wish to design new electric vehicles or convert an existing one. The Safedrive project comprises of a European consortium of small and medium-sized companies, supported through the FP7 research programme.

For more information on Safedrive please visit To find out more about Pera Technology visit Further details on EVS 27 can be found at:

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