Issue: Feb 2014

Datacolor Pioneers Digital Color Communication for Automotive Industry with Introduction of 45G CT

Newly enhanced hand-held spectrophotometer tailored to meet critical color and gloss measurement needs of automotive supply chain

by Jon Knox

Datacolor®, a global leader in color management solutions, today announced the availability of the Datacolor 45G CT, a high-accuracy, hand-held spectrophotometer with integrated gloss measurement and best-in-class inter-instrument agreement. Developed to address the specific needs voiced by the automotive industry, the Datacolor 45G CT excels in digital color evaluation to increase the speed, efficiency and precision of the quality control process.

Following the successful introduction of the 45G to the market, Datacolor quickly recognized the specific benefits the instrument offered automobile supply chains due to its ability to accurately measure varying textures and finishes used in most interior car components. With direct feedback from manufacturers using the solution in the field, Datacolor developed the automotive industry’s first 45/0 spectrophotometer featuring integrated gloss measurement, more accurate tolerance readings, and a targeted workflow to allow for digital color communication directly within the supply chain. Through this ground-breaking technology, the 45G CT reduces the need for sending physical color standards, therefore streamlining the color approval process.

“By partnering closely with our automotive customers, we made the necessary enhancements to deliver an instrument specifically tailored for their intricate workflow that until now required visually matching various parts manufactured by different vendors,” said Walter Franz, director of global business development for Datacolor. “We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality color technology and measurement tools and believe the 45G CT will become a benchmark in digital color communication.”

To ensure interior color harmony throughout the automotive supply chain, the 45G CT features industry leading inter-instrument agreement for digital measurement and Datacolor Tools Software for dedicated reporting. With higher inter-instrument agreement, automotive manufacturers can benefit from compatibility with other 45G CT instruments within their supply chain resulting in shortened time to market and increased color quality through digital communication of color data. The 45G CT also features improved gloss measurement to ensure color and gloss are precise by matching exact values.

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