Issue: Feb 2014


Celebrating the use of innovation in composite materials

by Tony Davidson

JEC Group announces the 2014 winners of the JEC Innovation Awards - PARIS. This year, 15 companies and their partners will receive an award at JEC Europe - Composites Show and Conferences (March 11-13, 2014) for their composites innovations. In 2014, the winners broach a wide expanse of domains from raw materials to design and processes and, of course, applications. They were selected from the following categories:

-          DESIGN : Hutchinson (France) : Composite Semi structural Cockpit Module for ATA 25

-          SIMULATION : University of Twente (Netherlands) : Braiding simulation and optimization

-          PROCESS : Fraunhofer IPT (Germany) : New multifunctional placement-head for processing of dry fibers and tapes with thermoplastic or thermoset matrix

-          AERONAUTICS : University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, Institute for Material Science and Plastics Processing (Switzerland) : Development of a composite annulus filler for Rolls-Royce jet engines

-          AIRCRAFT INTERIORS : Expliseat (France) : The Titanium Seat

-          CONSUMER GOODS : Owens Corning (France) : New reinforced thermoplastic composite for washing machine tubs

-          CONSUMER ELECTRONICS : Motorola Mobility (USA) : All-Thermoplastic composite back smartphone covers

-          MEDICAL : Groupe Médical Gaumond (Canada) : Transportable hyperbaric chamber

-          PRESSURE VESSELS : Maruhachi Co., LTD. (Japon) : Ultra-durable CFRP high-pressure hydrogen fuel storage tank

-          AUTOMOTIVE : Porsche Germany) : 918 Spyder: Innovative material and manufacturing approach for a multi-part aerodynamic underbody

-          OIL & GAS : Advanced Composite Structures Australia Pty Ltd. (Australia), Petronas  (Malaysia) : Novel Composite Clamps for Pipeline Repairs

-          WIND ENERGY : Saertex GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) : New production process : « Mapretec technique »

-          SUSTAINABILITY : DSM Composite Resins AG (Switzerland) : New composite system for wind turbine blades

-          RAILWAYS : ApATeCh-Applied Advanced Technology Company LTD (Russia) : Composite hopper car body produced by vacuum infusion

-          MARINE : North Thin Ply Technology (Switzerland) : World’s Thinnest UD-Prepreg and associated handling and design tools

Kindly note that the JEC Innovation Awards ceremony will highlight 15 innovators on stage
and will take place on Tuesday March 11 at 4:45 pm
on the JEC Europe Show (Hall 7.3, at the Agora).

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