Issue: Oct 2014

BIZOL is the First German Motor Oil Manufacturer to Receive the IAIR Award for Innovation

by Jon Knox

BIZOL is the First German Motor Oil Manufacturer to Receive the Prestigious IAIR Award as Best Company for Innovation and Leadership

    Highest quality standards with 100% consumer transparency and protection

        - The IAIR Award winners include Nobel Prize winners such as Michael Spence

          and Thomas Piketty and IAIR contributors Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nouriel Roubini, Laura

          Tyson, Yu Yongding, Kenneth Rogoff, Daniel Gros and Raghuram Rajan.

        - Past winners include companies such as: IBM, BASF, Daimler, Royal Dutch Shell,

          Cartier, Fedex, and ABB.

    The winners of the world's leading ranking and prize for excellence in the global economy and sustainability were announced. Boris Tatievski, the Founder and CEO of BIZOL, received the IAIR Award as best company for Innovation and Leadership. BIZOL is the first German motor oil manufacturer to receive such a prestigious award; in fact, the IAIR Award has been granted in almost all industries, but never in the German motor oil category, until now.

    BIZOL's new and innovative motor oils meet and exceed the standards of the German automotive industry based on highest quality standards with 100% consumer transparency and protection.

    "Other than in Germany, partial Synthetic Motor Oils can be labelled as Fully Synthetic Motor Oils. This is not allowed in BIZOL because according to German Law we need to clearly label Fully Synthetic and Partial Synthetic motor oils. Receiving such a prestigious award speaks for itself. We have again achieved our goal," BIZOL CEO, Boris Tatievski says proudly.

    About BIZOL

    BIZOL is a German manufacturer of innovative motor oils and other technical fluids.

The company was founded in Germany in 1998 and its products are now sold in 65 countries.

Over the next three years, BIZOL products will be sold in 100 countries:

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