Issue: Nov 2016

NIPPON EXPRESS to Promote Sea & Rail Transport from Asia to Central, East Europe as ADRIA DIRECT

Reducing Transit Days, Costs through Route via Koper Port, Slovenia

by Michael Stewart

NIPPON EXPRESS CO., LTD. will step up its sales of through container forwarding services from Asia, including India, to Central and Eastern Europe via Koper, Slovenia, from November 1, as "ADRIA DIRECT."

The route from Asia to Budapest, Hungary, via Koper has less distances of sea and land transportation, by approximately 3,700 kilometers and 550 kilometers, respectively, from the route via Hamburg, Germany.

Advantages of the services:

    --  The route from Singapore to Central and Eastern Europe has less transit

        days required for freight transportation -- by up to about four days --

        and charges for a 40F container by up to about 10% from the Hamburg

        route, in the company's comparison.

    --  NIPPON EXPRESS has been in cooperation with Koper Port since 2014.

        NIPPON EXPRESS launched "Danube Express," consolidation services from

        Japan to Budapest, Hungary, via Koper, in 2015. NIPPON EXPRESS thus

        became the first Japanese company to launch such forwarding services,

        and has since steadily gained experiences in this field.

    --  Based on its experiences in this field, NIPPON EXPRESS is determined to

        expand its forwarding services from Asia, including India, via Koper


    --  NIPPON EXPRESS will provide high-quality combined transportation

        services by having its group companies handle cargo from the origin to

        the final destination.

Background of the services:

    --  The route from Koper Port to Central and East European countries has

        been well known with Japanese subsidiary companies operating in Hungary

        in recent years because the route has reduced the distance of inland


    --  Based on experiences it has gained so far, NIPPON EXPRESS will step up

        its sales promotion for transportation services from Asia to Central and

        Eastern Europe via Koper as "ADRIA DIRECT." This service may be the

        first among Japanese transportation companies, according to NIPPON


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