Issue: May 2017

Techniplas Accelerates Transition to Cognitive Connected Products

by John Larkin

Techniplas, a leading global design and manufacturing provider of automotive products and services, announced the formation of Techniplas Digital, a new, dedicated digital innovation and transformation unit led by Avi Reichental, Vice-Chairman, Techniplas and CEO, Techniplas Digital. This entity was formed around a mandate to accelerate the migration of cognitive technologies from the edge of development to the core of its operations, products and services.


The company also unveiled its plan to roll out its proprietary big data-centric Techniplas Management System throughout its worldwide facilities under the leadership of Frederic Desmarchelier, the company's recently-named <>  chief transformation officer.


"The rate of disruption within the auto industry is going to dwarf what we've seen in the past fifty years," said George Votis, founder and chairman, Techniplas. "With our vast manufacturing expertise, global footprint and direct access to the latest cognitive and additive technologies through Techniplas Digital, we believe we are uniquely positioned to stay ahead of current trends and accelerate the delivery of new cognitive products and services to our customers with unprecedented quality and scale."


With the formation of its additive manufacturing innovation center in California, Techniplas is among the first to combine decades of traditional and additive manufacturing expertise with embedded computing capabilities.  Through deep learning capabilities and generative design, the company has the capacity to make new products and services that are reshaping mobility.


Techniplas leverages decades of deep traditional design and manufacturing expertise derived from its family of brands -- Dickten Masch, Nyloncraft, Vallotech and Weidplas -- with current and emerging exponential technologies.


Techniplas is already pioneering advances in several automotive-based technologies, including:


*            Cognitive lighting solutions that provide new communication capabilities between driver, car and pedestrian, as well as distinctive automotive styling and branding.


*            Active grill shutters that improve overall vehicle aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.


*            Air water management systems that adaptively control cabin air quality for enhanced driver and passenger wellness.


"It's in our DNA to disrupt and innovate," said Manfred Kwade, COO, Techniplas. "For decades, we've been designing and making some of the most complex and challenging components and assemblies for the automotive industry. Now we're applying this knowledge to the new-age of automotive design and manufacturing to make our customer's journey to digital mobility a reality."


By leveraging automated intelligence and big data, Techniplas will better understand how its products can one day become more adaptive and smarter.


"There has never been a more exciting and dynamic period of change in the automotive industry, and we're in an excellent position to guide our customers through this unprecedented period of disruption," said Reichental, vice chairman, Techniplas and CEO, Techniplas Digital. "By continuously expanding the reach of our data-enabled cognitive technologies into everything we do, we plan to deliver personalized, performance-enhanced and sustainable mobility for the benefit of our global stakeholders."    


About Techniplas


Techniplas is a leading global design and manufacturing provider of engineered products and services that are helping to shape the future of mobility. Our 2,000 associates, around the world, are passionate about making the connected world. By continuously expanding the reach of our data enabled cognitive technologies into everything we do, we deliver personalized, performance-enhanced and sustainable mobility.  In 2016, the company generated more than $500 million of consolidated revenue. For more information, please visit

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