Issue: Nov 2018


by James Hilton

Swedish state-owned Research Institutes of Sweden, RISE in partnership with Charmers University, is unveiling the AstaZero 5G testing facility, the world’s most advanced for self-driving vehicles. Thanks to a unique mixed reality test environment, it can simulate virtually any traffic situation in any city on the planet. It is able to blend the virtual world, e.g. the iconic Arc de Triomphe traffic system in Paris or Time Square in New York, with real vehicles and real people stationed around the track.


The testing facility is a first step towards a completely new type of test environment that provides the data necessary to predict vehicle behaviour in real-life situations without the need for on-the-road testing which has garnered global attention recently following fatal incidents on public roads.


The testing facility will be able to:


*        Mix test vehicles with virtual vehicles.


*        Enable realistic and a completely new level of traffic complexity


*        Run real-world applications in the test loop


*        Including theoretical traffic environments in which autonomous vehicles share roads and pavements alongside drones, cyclists or pedestrians.


AstaZero caters for five different test environments: bike test area, city area,a multi-lane road, rural road and a flexible high speed area. Together, they form a comprehensive set of key environments for research and development of automated driving. This is the only one of its kind in Europe and the most advanced in the world.


Automotive Industries is following this news with an interview with Peter Janvik, CEO of AstaZero who will speak in detail about the challenges and

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