May 2010

Media Package 30 OOH GIANT SCREENS Delhi 3-14 OCT 2010 - Video

DELHI 3rd - 14th OCTOBER, 2010

BIG Street - Automotive Industries

Particulars Details
Number Of Screens 30
Size of LED screens (4.9m x 2.7m) 16'x9'
Secondage/hour 30
Broadcast hours 13
Offered seconds/screen/day 390
Duration of campaign 12 days
Total seconds on 30 screens 140400
Package cost as per the rate card $140,400

Rates quoted are in US$ High value only $1.00 per screen second

Service tax will be extra as applicable i.e 10.3% on the total deal value

All screens are centrally managed through wired or wireless connectivity and at backend is managed by SCALA software. System can generate proof of play and provide log of scheduling


Screen medium Full color screens
Colors:                      281 Trillion
Video capability:        Yes
Deployment type:      Outdoor in full day light
Mounting:                  Unipole MS Steel Structure
Audio:                       2 Channel
Screen Resolution:     384x216 pixels
No.of tiles:                 12
Physical dimensions:  16ft x 9 ft
Operating temp    :      0 to 50°C
Humidity:                   0-90%
Refresh Rate            3600 Hz
Pitch  (Physical)        12.7mm Pixel Density    
Pixels per tile            96 x 72= 6912Pix/Tile
Pixel Information 6200 Pix/Sq-Mtr
Pixel Configuration     1R+1G+1B (4mm Oval type)
LED make                 Nichia, Japan
Brightness                9000 NIT ( Cd / Sq.Mtr )
White Balance          X = 0.33 Y = 0.33   (5600°K)
                                ( Adjustable up to 9000°K )

Content format for LED screens

- The client shall supply the content in following formats for advertising on Digital LED Billboards –

LED Display screen will be operating in "FULL SCREEN" mode.

The advertisement space would be:

384 x 216 [Full screen content] FS1 (Full Screen mode)

[Sizes mentioned above FOUR points are in terms of PIXELs]

LED display screen supports the following FILE formats for the three kinds of content:

STILL formats: JPG, DIB, HAV, JPEG, JFIF, BMP formats



Client may provide the DATA in STILL, ANIMATION or VIDEO formats for the above said may be provided for any of the above specific sizes, if not in the same aspect ratio and but not more than the 2 times the size of the segment size. If the content being given is either ANIMATION or VIDEO content, it is suggested that it should be of 12 seconds [field configurable, but pre-defined value] and multiples of 12 seconds thereof.

All the content can be received in CD/DVD media / USB drive / e Mail/FTP etc.

Reporting To Client

A. We shall schedule the content as per agreement with client and confirm
B. We shall provide log sheet of content played on each screen with timing from system

We shall provide soft picture/video of campaign on mail if required

Automotive Industries / BIG Street

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