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A and S for Modalities
Ability to function well in teams (communic., soc. auth., trng., further trng.)
Abrasive belt (discontinued)
Abrasive Handpad (discontinued)
Abrasive material, grinding tool (unclassified)
Abrasive product (parts)
Abrasive sheet (discontinued)
Abrasive wheels (discontinued)
Absorbing duct in pipelines
Absorbing, bonding agent (disposal)
Absorption dryer (compressed air technology)
Absorption heat pump
AC gear motor (mechanically adjustable)
AC gear motor (tightening number)
AC regulator
Accelerator for polymersation
Access., mech., (proc. comp.)
Access/time registration system (repair, unclassified)
Access/timekeeping system (maintenance/service, unclassified)
Access/timekeeping system (unclassified)
Accessories (VPS)
Accessories for Acme screw drive
Accessories for Chain drive

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