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Bacitracin (active substance)
Back panel (switchgear cabinet)
Back projection TV
Back up roll change device
Backing ring (steel)
Backup (server)
Bacterial strain
Badge frame, badge pocket
Bag (packing material)
Bag (plastic, packing material)
Bag and case for photo camera and video camera
Bag filter (for gases)
Bag filter (hose type) (for gases)
Bag for clothes, beauty bag
Bag form fill seal machine
Bag sealer (household appliance)
Bag-, freezer bag fastener
Baggage car w. mail compartment
Bakery machinery
Balance (acc., lab)
Balancing machine a. vibration measuring system
Ball (promotional article)
Ball cage
Ball grind clamp (surf. grind, lab)
Ball guide (Cage rail guide)

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