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H-frame drawing press (machine tool)
H-frame multiple-die press (machine tool)
H-frame toggle lever press (machine tool)
Hacksawing machine (machine tool)
Haemorrhoid remedy
Haemostaseology (laboratory activity)
Hafnium (IV) oxide
Hafnium compound (lab)
Hafnium(IV) chloride
Hail insurance
Hair drier
Hairdresser and cosmetic service
Half pallet
Half set
Half set (bath/toilet)
Half set (fire protection fittings)
Half-countersunk screw
Halloween candle
Halloween party article
Halloween sticker, -window sticker
Halogen compound, inorganic (halogen, [group 16], [C], [O], [H])
Halogen metal mercury vapor lamp
Halogenated hydrocarbons (CH [O N F Cl] Br J, other) (lab)
Halogenated organic silane (C, H, Si, halogen)
Halogenated organic silane with alcohol function (lab)

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