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Halogenated organic silane with carboxy or ester group
Halogenated organic silane with silane with carbon acid or ester function (lab)
Halogenated organic silanes with adehyde or ketone group
Halogenated organic silanes with hydroxy groups
Halogenated thiol (lab)
Ham (promotional article)
Hammer (metal forming machine tool, unclassified)
Hammer crusher
Hammer drill (electric, non-classified)
Hammer drill (rechargeable, non-classified)
Hammer for drawing-out a. flat die-forging (machine tool)
Hammer mill
Hammer screwdriver (rechargeable)
Hammer, chipper (pneumatic)
Hand brush
Hand brush with dustpan
Hand dispenser for tape
Hand dublicate paper
Hand honing machine, horizontal, with automatic reciprocation (machine tool)
Hand oil can
Hand protection
Hand pump (hydraulic) (discontinued)
Hand pump (lab)
Hand tacker

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