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Local anaesthetic
Local anesthetic (active substance)
Lock (switchgear cabinet)
Lock and fittings for door and gate
Lock for office furniture system
Lock system (work with metal fittings)
Locker column (workshop)
Locking element (shaft-hub-connection)
Locking ring (circular cross section)
Locking screw, screw bolt
Locking system (electronic)
Locking unit (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
Locksmith service
Lodging (travel management, unclassified)
Log book
Logic component for bus system
Logic Controller (maintenance, service)
Logic valve (pneumatics)
Logistics controlling (training, further training)
Logistics service
Long turning parts (iron)
Long turning parts (iron) (hardened)
Long turning parts (other materials)
Long-distance data transmitter
Long-handled scrubbing brush

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