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Label (product, shipping, metal)
Label (product, shipping, packing material)
Label (product, shipping, plastic)
Label (stockform, paper, packing material)
Label (thermo-active, paper, packing mat.)
Label fastening roll
Label for registrar, preprinted
Label maker
Label soluble (office)
Label with cover film
Labeling material for switch set
Labeling tools
Labelling machine
Labelling system
Labelling system (other, unclassified)
Labelling system (unclassified)
Labelling system cleaner
Labelling system supplies (unclassified)
Labelling, decoration, coding machine (unclassified)
Laboratory and inspection service
Laboratory app. (maintenance, service)
Laboratory app. (repair)
Laboratory apparatus (other)
Laboratory can (laboratory)

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