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Sales stand, wood (marketing)
Salmon (promotional article)
Salt of acycl. carboxylic acid up to C8
Salt of acycl. carboxylic acids >C9
Salt of acyclic sulfonic acids (alkali, alkaline earth, ammonium) (lab)
Salt of thiol with carboxylic acid
Samarium compound (lab)
Samarium(III) chloride hexahydrate
Sample beaker (lab)
Sample divider (lab)
Sampler fitting (parts)
Sampling valve
Sampling valve (glass)
Sand, clay, soil
Sandals, lab shoes
Sanding (subcontracting)
Sanding machine (unclassified)
Sanding toll made of sanding compound without attachment
Sanding tool made of sanding compound with bore or threads
Sandwich plate (hydraulics)
Sanitary cleaning agent
Sanitary material (parts)
Sanitation block

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