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Uninterrupted power supply (PC, parts)
Union nut (threaded joint)
Unit for electromechanical marking (for non-permanent marking)
Unit load conveyor (complete, unclassified)
Unit-load warehouse (complete, unclassified)
Universal application valve (pneumatics)
Universal detergent
Universal filing, sorting equipment (accessories)
Universal filing, sorting equipment (parts)
Universal joint (insert)
Universal lathe > 800 mm diameter (machine tool)
Universal milling a. boring machine (machine tool)
Universal plano milling machine (machine tool)
Universal tool grinding machine (machine tool)
Unsaturated acyclic hydrocarbons (other, lab)
UPS Off-Line (standby)
UPS system (accessories)
Upward gradient measuring instrument
Uranium compound (lab)
Uranium(IV) fluoride
Urea and thiourea compound (material protection)
Urea, polymer with formaldehyde

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