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Wagon (open, high-capacity, warm material)
Walking-beam furnace (unclassified)
Wall + ceiling displ., paper, cardboard (marketing)
Wall and ceiling grinder (electric)
Wall calendars (marketing)
Wall clock (promotional article)
Wall duct, ceiling duct
Wall organization panel
Wall pipe (sanitary)
Wall rail system for boards (accessories)
Wall type ventilator
Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
Wall-, ceiling projection screen
Wall-, ceiling-displays, wood (marketing)
Wall-type distributor
Wallpaper, paper, pasteboard
Warehouse installation (complete)
Warehouse logistics (training, further training)
Warm shrinking crimp connection
Warning bell
Warning lamp
Warning sign (sticker)
Warranty and endorsement (financing, service)
Washer, ring (flat, crowned)

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