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Mark Drumheller :
Thermoplastic vulcanizate for weatherseal applications


Mark Drumheller :
TPV Production in the USA

Metzeler Automotive Profile Systems continues to provide value for customers by using the right material for the right application. As thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) has become established in certain weather sealing applications, Metzeler decided to develop and produce it´s own PERMAPRENE? TPV material. Besides the rubber-like qualities of TPV and its thermoplastic workability, the economic factor played a crucial part. TPV also requires lower investment due to shorter mold cycle.

The mixing facility installed at our Keokuk, Iowa facility is a co-rotating twin screw extruder with an underwater pelletizing system and incorporates Metzeler´s current EPDM compounding capabilities. At present, material certifications are complete and product validations are being carried out in conjunction with our customers. PERMAPRENE 75 is the first TPV material developed by Metzeler and will be used for the majority of its current weather sealing products. New grades of PERMAPRENE TPV will be introduced as new applications for TPV are developed.

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