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Kerry McDermott :
Adchem Corporation´s 5944M Double-Coated Tape Combines the Benefits of Rubber and Acrylic Adhesive Technologies


Kerry McDermott :
Adchem Corporation, a leading manufacturer of innovative pressure-sensitive adhesive tape systems, introduces its 5944M double-coated tape. Combining the benefits of both rubber and acrylic adhesive technologies, this versatile bonding tape is designed for demanding foam fabrication bonding applications in the transportation and appliance industries where insulation and sound reduction requirements abound.

5944M is designed with a high tack, high peel, moderate shear rubber-based adhesive coating on the liner side. The exposed side of 5944M is coated with a high-tack, low shear acrylic adhesive. The carrier is a 0.5 mil polyester film to facilitate die cutting. Physical properties of this product include adhesive coating with an exposed side of 1.5 mils and a liner side of 1.3 mils.

The unique design of 5944M allows for the exposed side of the adhesive to bond to more than 30 popular foam materials, including demanding materials such as neoprene sponge, epichlorohydrins, and EPDM blends. Other substrates tested with 5944M include cork, vinyl and polyurethane. The liner side of the adhesive provides superior bonding properties to surfaces such as talc-filled polypropylene, HDPE and others.

5944M is available in 74# polycoated and 12-pt board at 54? width and a narrow width (44?) option in the 74# polycoated liner.

Adchem, an ISO 9001 certified and A2LA accredited company, manufactures an innovative line of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape systems, including double-coated papers, films, tissues, foams and fabrics; transfer tapes; one-side coated products and other custom-coated specialty products. Our 100% solids adhesives, solvent and water based acrylics and rubber adhesives are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, construction, electronics, graphic arts, medical and general industrial tape applications.

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