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Miami, FL / June 12, 2006 Atlas Weathering Services Group (AWSG), a division of Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC, continues to make progress in consolidating its Florida operations and opening new headquarters at: South Florida Test Service, 16100 SW 216th St., Miami, FL 33170.
As of June 15, 2006, all new orders for outdoor exposure testing in Miami will be exposed at our new headquarters. Additionally, all existing test specimens are in the process of being relocated over the next several months. As each section of the field is prepared, specimens are transported and set-up in their new location. All requirements for transporting and handling specimens per ASTM G147 Conditioning and Handling of Nonmetallic Materials for Natural and Artificial Weathering Tests, will be met. This process will continue until all specimens have been transferred.
Weve gone through this process several times as our business has grown over the last 75 years, notes Jack Martin, President of AWSG. Our processes will ensure that samples are moved safely and quickly and our bar-coding system will allow us to accurately track the movement of every specimen.
For further information or to schedule a tour once the new facilities are completed, customers can contact their Customer Service Representatives at (800) 255-3738 or visit our website

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