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Curtis Bradley :
Petroleum will be exhausted by 2050, and be severely short within ten years.


Curtis Bradley :
Hydrogen will become the dominant fuel made from solar energy. Creating it, burning it, creates no air-pollution!
All of the technology to transition from petroleum to hydrogen is in place.
Hypergolic Injection will permit interchangeable use of gasoline, diesel, jet, and hydrogen during the transition, All having CI engine efficiency. Hypergolic combustion is clean.
Adding accessory components capturing engine cooling and exhaust energy creating a Compound Cycle will double mileage, & lower vehicle weight/cost.
For an orderly transition to Hydrogen, use of multiple fuel types is mandatory for success.
Compounding does not require changes to the base engine or vehicle, just component additions.
Want data for Hypergolic Injection? See NACA Technical Note #565.
Want data for Compounding See SAE 860536.

Curtis Bradley, President of COMPOUND ENGINE CONSULTANTS, has been active for over 50 years managing advanced engine development programs.

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