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Paolo Paglialunga :


Paolo Paglialunga :
The news keep reporting that China and India will keep growing their economies at breakneck rate. We also read that this planet will host another 1 to 1.8 billion people by 2025. Add this and other data together and, what still makes sense from a mathermatical/statistical/economic point of view makes less sense if you look at the energy balance. It takes a LOT of energy for all this to happen. Oil, the primary source of energy, is becoming more and more expensive (and rare). I don´t see massive investments in new technologies to allow for an increase in energy use without sending the planet on a runaway global warming and without dilapidating the last oil reserves (let´s keep in mind that oil is also necessary to produce plastics and lubricants). Investing in offshore wind farms, solar power, large wind turbines on top of tall buildings would give us new jobs and clean energy, and would ultimately help the auto industry (e.g. by allowing to produce hydrogen using renewable sources) to remain a viable business.

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