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Joseph J. Neff :
The availability of massive computing power makes a huge difference in auto design and operation. .


Joseph J. Neff :
The power would be diesel-hybrid for 55 mpg on/off highway average. Larger vehicles would have crushible designs to limit energy transfer to small cars and all would have ABS with stability control to reduce deaths. Tires would be airless urethane. Cell phones would be banned from driver use. Clear windows would be mandated for the safety of following cars. Blind spot cameras with aural warning would be standard

Fuel cells are not on my list because politicians will not allow nuclear powered generators to dissassociate the hydrogen fuel from water. Any other system is energy inefficient. Diesel-hybrid, with almost a 45% improvement in fuel consumption and a 1/3 reduction in the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide is the clear choice. A current European common rail diesel engines with a recycling carbon particulate trap eliminates all but 1% of the particlulates, unburned hydrocarbons, and nitrides of oxygen.

Joseph J. Neff
Retired Chief Engineer, Cummins Engine; Retired Chief Engineer Peterbilt Motors Div. of Paccar, Retired VP, Gillig Corp.--transit bus builder.

steve heckeroth
The best place for a nuclear recator is 93 million miles away. All fuels generated from the sun are <.01% efficent & PV is >10% efficient

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