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Billy Cousineau :


Billy Cousineau :
Billy the inventor explains "most people know that upon checking the air pressure of their tires on their cars, trucks, campers, motor homes and especially transports or just about any vehicle on wheels can be indeed a hassle. Typically a driver must bend to the ground, remove a dirty dust cap and apply an accessory pressure gauge to obtain a tire pressure reading. Many drivers go to service stations to check the pressure of their tires and often learn that the service station does not provide a pressure gauge or their air pump pressure gauge may be temporarily out of service".

Thus the invention of the Q-V tire valve came into play.

The revolutionary Q-V valve allows a driver to obtain a pressure reading of their tires in seconds. A driver needs only to slightly bend over and with a quick glance obtain a tire pressure reading as the new Q-V valve incorporates a built in tire pressure gauge.

The Q-V valve is installed on the rim of the wheel like a standard tire valve, therefore it cannot be removed and is theft free.

It is an automotive fact that proper air pressure in tires plays a great role in lowering the amount of wear and tear of front-end auto components that can quite costly when in need of replacement. Proper or improper air pressure can affect the difference between a smooth or bumpy ride and also gas efficiency.

The revolutionary Q-V tire valve had struck a high note with thumbs up according to public opinion and survey conducted.

The Q-V valve consists of a permanent irremovable dust cap, a built-in tire pressure gauge (with numbers, lines and indicator) viewed through a transparent window located in the center of the valve.

No more need for:
A separate accessory tire pressure gauge.
Special tool to pinch center valve stem to release air as with the current tire valve.
Washing hands afterward.
Trips to the service station for a mechanic to check tire pressure especially for the ladies.
Remembering where you last placed your accessory tire pressure gauge for next usage.
Trips to service stations to check tire pressure especially if they don’t work or temporarily out of order.
Surveys indicate a very high percentage of drivers would purchase Q-V valves for their existing tires. Survey also indicates most drivers would purchase Q-V valves for their next purchase of new tires, keeping in mind an enormous amount of new tires that are sold each and everyday in Canada and the United States.

I hope you will enjoy learning about my new invention and upon your viewing I would be happy to send you a CD-R presentation and prototype demonstration as seen on MCTV along with various related information documents at your request.

Q-V valves are not available in stores at the moment as the Q-V valve invention has been for sale or licensing for a relatively short time. The Q-V valve project is for sale as a complete buy out and or licensing to a manufacturer.

Time is money and this product will save enormous time checking tire pressure say "transport drivers". This method is quick, simply bend down peek and presto obtain a tire pressure reading.

I would not be surprised if Q-V valve could replace what we´ve historically come to know as the standard tire valve.

A convenience of Q-V valve allows any person to check their tire pressure in seconds whether before going to work, taking a trip or checking the tire pressure on their job related commercial vehicle.

Q-V valve allows women and children to check tire pressure in seconds. Releasing air from tire is incredibly easy. Simply press down on upper valve stem and release when desired amount of air has exited, that´s it that´s all.

Considering Q-V valves impressive features and simplicity, professional survey conducted clearly indicates with popularity the potential to become a major big seller.

Keeping in mind that every time a tire is sold or replaced, so is the tire valve.
Let us closely examine the following information as to the amount of tires that are sold in one fiscal year in Canada and the U.S.

Given a high thumb up according to public opinion and survey conducted regarding this new product, let us therefore imagine Q-V valves available on store shelves, in garages, in all tire replacement centers and never need to use a separate tire pressure gauge again.

Estimated Canadian Population - 32,578,880
Estimated U.S population - 299,199,828

In Canada alone 26 million tires are sold each year and an equivalent
number is generated as used tires according to researchers.

The number of cars in the U.S. is increasing twice as fast as the population.
(Federal Highway Administration (FHA), U.S. DOT)

Number of tires on the road in America in 1999 on non-commercial vehicles (cars and light trucks, including SUVs): 822 million

The United States Patent & Trademark Office have issued a patent to this revolutionary tire valve technology, and now you´re invited to take part in obtaining rights to this technology.

This is the only such valve that also incorporates important safety and security features not existing in any other patented combo valve to date.

To view pictures please click on:

For more inquire about licensing or purchasing the manufacturing rights for this revolutionary new product concept please contact (investors are also welcome):

Name: Billy Cousineau
Phone: 705-566-2612

Best Regards
Billy Cousineau

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