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Roger G Sullivan :
3S News Release-New Scale Model 2000S Launched


Roger G Sullivan :
Sensor System Solutions, Inc. (3S) (OTC:BB SSYO), a manufacturer of (MEMS) sensors, intelligent sensor interface electronics and intelligent embedded control systems, today announced the Model 2000S Gas Cylinder Scale as an expansion of their existing line of Model 2000 intelligent scales, featuring Serial Output.

This gas cylinder scale integrates a high accuracy load cell with the 3S Model 3001(ISAC-1) Digital Signal Conditioner. The 2000S communicates measured-weight-readings to an electronic instrument through RS232 or multi-drop R485 communications port. If the application requires, up to eight 2000S Scales can be connected through the multi-drop RS485 network.

This Scale is specifically designed for Semiconductor Industry gas cabinets and gas cylinder applications. Its rugged design provides a great resistance to harsh chemicals and corrosive gases. The Model 2000S is accurate to within 0.25% of full scale which allows cylinder and vessel depletion to lowest levels, reducing downtime and material cost. Its low profile and small footprint provide easy loading and off-loading of the cylinders with minimal lifting. The unit is available with a load capacity of either 50 lbs or 300 lbs.

The Model 2000S is equipped with Digital outputs and is a plug-and-play compatible with the Model 4000 Digital Display (No calibration or configuration required). The Model 2000S can be equipped with the optional BlueWeigh module allowing wireless connectivity to a Bluetooth-enabled device. 3S eWeigh Software for both PC-based and Bluetooth wireless PDA Scale monitoring is available for Internet downloading. 3S is also an approved HP* Business Development Partner and can supply a PDA preloaded with the software.

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