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Steve Dale :
Vehicles and roads would be designed to eliminate the driver from most of the driving process.


Steve Dale :
This would eliminate driver errors and inefficiencies. Vehicle modules would be powered and sized for 2 or 4 people and some items, not 0-60 times, top speed and 6 or 8 plus camping gear. Multiple modules would be combined for more space. Wireless cable and internet would be available on main roads. Most trips would be like sitting in your living room.
Vehicles would run mainly on electricity with small combustion motors for local driving (and hill assist). Parking spaces would have metered charging and long stretches of highway would provide in-motion, non-contact charging. Focusing on electricity would make the distribution system more efficient.

Vehicles on the highways would link together to reduce wind resistance. Vehicles on surface streets would be gradually sped up and slowed down to reduce stopping and starting.

People would keep their freedom but give up their perceptions.

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