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Alison Zaccone :
Payment Protection Systems Merges with Sekurus - Partnership with International Asset Protection Leader Enhances ON TIME® Device’s Global Reach


Alison Zaccone :
Payment Protection Systems, Inc. (PPS), the manufacturer of ON TIME, the patented starter interrupt system that ensures timely collection of customer car payments, has merged with Sekurus, Inc.

Sekurus’ proprietary products and solutions are used to secure and manage the sub‑prime auto loan portfolios of both buy-here-pay-here auto dealerships and financial institutions throughout the world. It is an international leader in providing asset protection, tracking and overall payment management. Sekurus, Inc. will be the name of the new company, while Mike Simon, president and CEO of Payment Protection Systems, will assume the same title and responsibilities.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for both companies. Growth has accelerated so rapidly during the past few years that we needed to find a partner that shared our long-range business plans and international goals,” said Mike Simon, president and CEO of Sekurus. “This new relationship now enables us to offer a fuller range of products and services to a wider variety of financial institutions around the globe.”

The Sekurus product line will now include:

– ON TIME: The renowned electronic starter-interrupt unit that tracks payments and prevents a vehicle from starting if a customer’s scheduled payment is not made. ON TIME is used worldwide by lending institutions and car dealerships that provide automobile financing to individuals who are sub-prime or high credit risks.

– SEKURIT: The car industry’s most user-friendly anti-theft security device, SEKURIT arms and disarms itself with an automatic, hands-free system. It not only provides consumers with the most sophisticated anti-theft technology available, but also offers new car franchises a product that has no charge back, no drive away costs, and an installation process that is quick and easy.

Sekurus, Inc. is an international company focusing on automobile asset protection, management and tracking. The company’s proprietary systems and solutions are used to secure and manage the sub‑prime auto loan portfolios of both buy-here-pay-here auto dealerships and financial institutions. The company’s asset protection systems secure the multi-million dollar inventories of automotive dealerships for dealers, their insurance companies and their floor planning financial institutions. For more information, please visit or contact the Sales Department at (951) 296-5677.

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