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Natasha Baker :
EPLAN Introduces a New Dimension in Electrical Design Automation


Natasha Baker :

EPLAN Electrical P8 delivers staggering productivity improvements

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – September 1, 2006: EPLAN Software & Services, the global leader in electrical computer aided engineering (E-CAE) solutions, today announced the much anticipated launch of EPLAN Electric P8. Not just a new version of the company’s highly successful EPLAN 5 and EPLAN 21 packages, the Monheim, Germany and Farmington Hills, Michigan based firm establishes EPLAN Electric P8 as a truly new dimension in electrical design automation.

Core to the revolutionary impact of EPLAN Electric P8 are three major accomplishments. First, the company’s nearly 100 software engineers developed an interoperable database structure, which combines the intrinsic benefits of the relational graphic database in EPLAN 5 with the object oriented database in EPLAN 21. This enables users to have a completely seamless migration of either one of the popular environments to a new globally uniform platform.

Next, EPLAN Electric P8 represents a powerful “platform concept” that allows EPLAN to act as the engineering center for interdisciplinary collaboration in all elements of the design or project management in any manufacturing process design. Finally, EPLAN electric P8 packs a host of new features, functions and dramatic improvements which boost user productivity by yet another multiple.

“EPLAN Electric P8 takes electrical design automation to a new dimension.” states Sean Mulherrin, Technical Manager at EPLAN. “Whether your design approach is graphic or object oriented and regardless of electrical standards, language, symbol libraries, component attributes or database interface, your processes can now achieve literally unlimited flexibility. The common platform facilitates simultaneous, real-time, multi-user collaboration on the same project anywhere in the world.”

With even more enhanced user rights management and security features, EPLAN Electric P8 enables almost unlimited interface, output, import/export and bi-directional transfer functionality to collaborate with other software structures or databases.

EPLAN Electric P8 automatically produces any conceivable documentation or reports as a byproduct of the automated design engineering process, including electrical schematics, panel layouts, wire lists, bill of materials, PLC codes, device tags and wire labels.

“We are excited to provide our customers an easy migration path to EPLAN Electric P8 that retains all of their legacy work in full functionality, interfaces their work environment to all related engineering and business management disciplines and delivers dramatic increases in productivity and quality.” said Mark Taylor, Executive Vice President and General Manager of EPLAN Software & Services LLC. “Customers will find that the modularity will make EPLAN Electric P8 even more competitive achieving returns that exceed any other CAE or CAD add-on tools currently available in the market.”

EPLAN Electric P8 is the cornerstone of EPLAN’s engineering center platform solution. It shares a common database structure with all other EPLAN products and many other industry standards for the design of any complex or integrated manufacturing process.

EPLAN Electric P8 also functions as a standalone electrical CAE solution delivering unprecedented productivity increases and reducing total time and effort of electrical design engineering projects by up to 80 percent. In addition, EPLAN Electric P8 substantially improves quality, accuracy and documentation.

EPLAN Software & Services is based in Monheim, Germany with its principle U.S. offices in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rittal, the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical and electronic enclosures and packaging solutions for controls, automation and IT applications. EPLAN’s 420 professionals focus exclusively on providing complete engineering design automation solutions for a wide range of industries in over 50 countries on six continents around the world. Since its establishment in 1984, EPLAN has grown its customer base to 15,000 with more than 54,000 licenses installed globally.

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