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James J Levante :
Breakthrough Combines Multi-Connector Technologies On A Single Connector For OEMs


James J Levante :
Onanon, Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of electronic interconnects for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), announced immediate availability of the
MultiWise Connector, an industry-advancing connector technology that combines pins, contacts and blades on a single platform, giving engineers the power to design greater conductivity and functionality into small-footprint devices.

As the first significant alternative to discrete pin or blade configurations, the MultiWise Connector provides a new dynamic to satisfy the need for increased power density in small spaces. Configurations utilizing both pins, contacts and blades allow greater simplicity and flexibility in designs by offering engineers more options for lowering contact resistance while maintaining the necessary power/signal mix.

Greater Conductivity, More Space for OEMs

OEM design engineers once restricted to packaging multiple connectors and circuitry together in an assembly can now combine the required connector features and circuitry together on one MultiWise Connector. With the introduction of blade pins, designers can now take advantage of greater conductivity available in more rugged copper and brass alloy blades. Because these materials carry more current, the MultiWise Connector frees up precious space for additional components. Moreover, Onanon’s manufacturing processes can place SMT devices like decoupling capacitors, resistors and ICs directly on the connector.

“One of the greatest benefits of employing the MultiWise Connector is the ability to design a connector configuration that not only provides the precise blend of power and signal, but significantly frees up real estate to add functionality to electronic devices,” said Dennis Johnson, CEO of Onanon. “Design engineers can now draw upon a wider range of materials to accommodate specific conductivity requirements and address custom power-supply applications. And, you don’t need a complicated connector pattern to deliver more current.”

Onanon Saves Time, Raises Quality, Lowers Connector Cost

Production of MultiWise Connector devices surpasses tape-and-reel operations by employing a shake-insertion method to load both blades, pins and contacts. No other company has developed a method for loading blades by shaking, which, unlike stitching machinery, does not cause trauma to circuit boards, fracture other components or damage electronics. Onanon’s automated process gently places connectors onto circuit boards through surface mounting or through-hole insertion.

Onanon assembles pins and blades 10 times faster than the outmoded stitching methods still employed by competitors. The MultiWise Connector employs a pick-and-place process that preserves uniform connector plating. Since MultiWise Connector elements are never cut, they are not subject to corrosion, ensuring longer shelf life, lower cost and fewer rejects. Conventional connector manufacturing leaves holes and cavities in blades, and cause exposed pin-tips cut during production to corrode.

Onanon’s exclusive shake-insertion assembly method ensures a precise perpendicularity of blade-receptacle configurations that is unmatched in the industry. Products once restricted to multiple-contact pin connectors because of difficult orientations can now pack greater current capacity into a smaller, more rugged design, utilizing higher conductivity materials available with blade connectors.

MultiWise Connector prototypes are developed using the same method used for full-on production, saving on development costs and reevaluations, and speeding time to market. Onanon is known for its quick turnaround, offering concept to production in a few weeks, with dock-to-stock fulfillment on all products and no charges for NREs (non-recurring engineering) on new products or revisions.

Application Areas

Medical devices, automotive and telematics systems, wire harness cable connectors, cellular phones, scanners, industrial controls, electronic instrumentation, or any of a wide variety of devices that can benefit from increased power density, greater conductivity and functionality in a small connector space.

Pricing and Availability

Onanon’s MultiWise Connector system is available now, with JIT delivery.
Prices begin at US$3.00 in quantities of 1,000 or more for configuration as shown.

Onanon, Inc. is a highly automated, globally competitive ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of electronic interconnects. For more than 25 years Onanon has been providing connectors to the medical, automotive and electronics industries worldwide, with more than 100,000 patterns and configurations on hand.

Onanon designs, manufactures and distributes a wide variety of connector components. Its products include automotive and telematics connectors, medical device connectors, test and burn-in sockets, BGA/LGA sockets, PGA, ZIP, DIP, SIP, and custom connectors.

Onanon proves strongly competitive on pricing with offshore facilities, and consistently produces high-quality interconnects, with high repeatability, whether it’s the fifth part off the line or the 5 millionth. A recognized leader in quality control and customer service, Onanon operates from its 11,000-square-foot facility in Milpitas, California, employing more than 45 outstanding individuals.

Onanon engineers work closely with clients as part of their development team, applying years of know-how to solving configuration challenges. OEMs and designers are invited to contact Onanon for consultation on custom and off-the-shelf interconnect configurations for their application requirements. Phone 408-262-8990;
Fax 408-262-2901; E-mail:; Website:

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