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John Ray :
Rayco Modular Fixturing


John Ray :
Modular Fixturing:

Rayco Modular Fixtures make CMM and Vision Systems more productive. No more wasting time and money with cumbersome part set-ups that can actually take more time than checking the part itself. Rayco set-ups are easily created with components that are simple to use and can be quickly rearranged without the need of tools. Regardless of size, shape, or material, the Rayco system holds virtually any part. Even different parts can be set-up and inspected together, saving operator time and expense. To maintain consistency with future set-ups, you can document the set-up with the click of a mouse using our CAD based software, FixtureBuilder.

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Fascinating reading here, very well tguhoht out, unlike the following mess of junk that has just spewed out of my brain. Just this morning i was thinking what is the difference between someone like myself, a web designer and someone like my brother, who´s a stock broker. I come up with the idea that one of us is actually making something and the other is just making money. In a digital age where online purchasing eliminates the need for a middle man, the whole concept of piggy backing on someone´s idea just to make money seems like a complete waste of your average joe and janes hard earned cash. Maybe a stock broker is a bad example, perhaps a car sales man or yard? When i worked wholesaling the snowboards in ozzie the standard margin was at least 30%, so with a the middle man gone a $1000 board is actually only $600. Take into account the fact that the wholesale is buying that same snowboard from the supplier at $300, the poor old consumer is ending up with a $300 board for $1000!! Talk about a rip off! I appreciate there may need to be some margin in there for a service location - somewhere to take your board back if its faulty, but definitely not that much. You should be able to order the latest snowboard at close to the cost price that the wholesaler buys them from the factory? Its the massive amount of margin and piggy back money making that is forcing people to purchase a $500 RRP snowboard which is only made from $50 worth of materials, that´s whats driving the bottom end of the market. This is one thing i hoping the internet is going to fix. You should be able to have your board shipped direct from the factory/local warehouse, without so many middle men eating up your cash? I guess getting back to the original point about me and my brother, i think some people like my bro are fueled by the idea that having lots of cash is going to bring happiness to there lives, because they think of all the things that they will be able to do once they have that money. He also enjoys the adrenaline of the stock market. Myself, I´m more motivated by the idea of creation and reward (financial or otherwise) at that´s what keeps me happy in life. I´m a creator i guess, the money thing is a distant last in my life. So two brothers brought up roughly the same and yet both moving in complete different directions. I would say its genetics (which i know nothing about) or trait in the human race that separates our thinking and stops us progressing as one. There´s a bit of mongrel in there, a bit of survival of the species kinda lord of the flies vibe - i´ve got it! -its the people that fail to see the consequences of there actions or straight out don´t care about them. There´s always going to be someone like that trying to make a quick buck, combine that with a middleman heavy supply chain and its a hard road back from there. I would like to see the government step in and regulator use of natural resources or production, like if you going to make a kettle then it has to last a minimum of 5 years, not 5 minutes. Or a car that has to be completely recyclable. We need leaders.

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