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Edward P. Swynar :
Were the automobile not invented some 100 years ago - a thought


Edward P. Swynar :
Population would still be centered in large cities, with no need of ´suburbs´ in the classic form whatsoever. How would one commute back and forth, anyway? The populace would stray from city cores only as far as public transit would allow them to.

The automobile spurred development and progress in a self-sustaining way, without it, who would have missed it?

There is no such thing as an absolutely 100% ´green´ car - never will be.

Whether propelled by gas, electricity---indeed, by anything other than the wind!---whatever we might choose to put on wheels will either use oil, create toxic waste in the form of acid, pollute the sky from coal-fired generators to charge its batteries, etc. etc.

Nothing short of the extermination of the human race will solve this problem---not a viable solution!

Edward P. Swynar
Steve, I guess that would all depend upon one´s definition of "green" --- there is still the matter of the plastics that might be used in the car (derived from oil), the eventual disposal of same when the car has run through its lifecycle (is the plastic that was used re-cyclable, or will it end up as landfill?), the hazardous materials used in the battery (I´m thinking here of traditional "wet" units) and its eventual disposal & impact to the environment, etc. That´s probably just scratching the surface --- no reference was made, obviously, to the energy & resources that might be expended in actual BUILDING the car. However, irregardless, your legal background shines through with your clever hedge of any such vehicle being "99% green", and not 100%! :>)
Steve Heckeroth
Solar charged electric cars can be 99% green

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