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Sue Kieffer :
Muth Mirror Systems earns honorable mention in PACE Award competiton for the BSDD


Sue Kieffer :
Muth Mirror Systems received an honorable mention in the prestigious PACE Award
Competition. The 13th annual PACE (Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to
Excellence) Award is presented by Microsoft, SAP, Transportation Research Center Inc.
(TRC Inc.), and “Automotive News.”

Muth was recognized for its Blind Spot Detection Display (BSDD) merged with a
through-the-glass™ turn and hazard Signal.® BSDD is the Human Machine Interface (HMI) between the blind spot sensor, radar or other, and the driver. It is presented as a heads up display in the driver’s exterior mirrors and is the most natural method for communication of this primary sensing safety feature. The sensors “search” the blind spots for same direction traffic on both sides of a vehicle. If the sensors detect traffic, they send a signal to the appropriate exterior mirror and an LED illuminates and appears through-the-glass™ warning the driver that it is not safe to change lanes.

Signal® Mirrors are also a through-the-glass™ display technology that indicate from
the appropriate exterior rear view mirror the driver’s turn intentions. These signals can also be used as hazard flashers.

Both of the displays utilize “ultra fine laser ablation” on the mirror glass. This production technique, developed and patented by Muth, makes the apertures in the chrome surfaced exterior mirrors extremely small and not readily visible to the naked eye, yet large enough to allow light to pass through. This allows the driver to use the rear vision function of the mirror when the display is not activated and to not be distracted by ablations on the glass.

The combination of the three features BSDD, turn, and hazard on the same circuit
board offers two advantages. First, it creates a smaller, lighter, more efficient and less costly list of components. Second, it provides a perfect complement of information to the driver. When the driver activates the turn signal he/she is warning drivers’ in the vehicle’s blind spot that the vehicle is changing lanes or turning. If the driver then sees the BSDD warning, he/she knows that it is unsafe to make the lane change or turn. Thus, it completes the information loop and both drivers are efficiently warned.

“The Members of Muth Mirror Systems are honored to be recognized in this prestigious competition. The PACE Awards, the “Oscars” in our industry, draws entries from
the biggest and best global automotive suppliers. These entries represent the most
innovative technologies in the automotive world. To be among those selected is extremely gratifying for our team at Muth. I’m proud of our members and the fact that our products focus entirely on safety. This award reinforces the importance of the work we do and the unique products we bring to the automotive industry,” says Michael Muth, CEO of the company.

The PACE Award competition, which recognizes superior innovation, technological
advancement and business performance, is open to suppliers that contribute products,
processes, materials or services directly to the manufacture of cars or trucks. The award is known around the world as the industry symbol of innovation.

Muth’s honorable mention was in the product category which recognizes innovations
or developments in new products or services and introduction of processes that have significant market impact and act as “game changers” in the automotive industry. For complete details of the 2007 Automotive News PACE Awards visit

Muth Company, LLC, the parent company of Muth Mirror Systems, brings over 50
years of experience to serving the motor vehicle industry. Muth Mirror Systems is headquartered in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. As specialists in high technology accessories, they have introduced a variety of innovative products to the industry. Signal ® Mirrors are currently their most recognized product.

For more information about Muth Mirror Systems call 800-844-6616, visit their web site at or e-mail:

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