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Yusuf Moosajee :
Satyam Opens Global Development Centre for Nissan North America in Chennai


Yusuf Moosajee :
Satyam Computer Services, Ltd. (NYSE: SAY), the leading global consulting and IT services company, today launched a new Global Development Centre (GDC) for Nissan North America in Chennai, India. The 50,000-square-foot facility on Chennai’s “IT Highway” will house more than 400 associates, scalable to 750 within three years.

Early this year, Satyam won a long-term, multimillion-dollar deal to manage Nissan’s mission-critical business applications in its North American market. In less than six months, Satyam became the sole IT service provider for Nissan North America’s entire portfolio, which includes 321 applications in five locations across US and Canada. Nissan will count on high service standards from the Chennai GDC, resulting from Satyam’s delivery flexibility and its ability to tap into its large pool of skilled professionals in Chennai.

“We are looking forward to working with Satyam through this new relationship. Satyam’s expertise and global presence will aid Nissan reach its IT objectives aligned to our business goals. This new facility is a significant step towards reaching these goals and objectives,” said Bob Greenberg, chief information officer of Nissan North America.

“By completing the transition of Nissan North America’s entire application suite ahead of schedule, in less than six months, Satyam has demonstrated its ability to win and execute large engagements in the automotive and manufacturing space,” said Subu D. Subramanian, director and senior vice president of Satyam’s automotive and manufacturing business.

Subramanian said that this represents a significant milestone in Satyam’s efforts to become an end-to-end solutions provider for global automotive customers.

“We are proud to have been selected as Nissan’s IT applications provider, and to be given responsibility for program management for its North American portfolio of applications,” he added. “We look forward to expanding this relationship.”

The agreement calls for Satyam to provide application management services for Nissan’s operations and to adhere to stringent service levels. Nissan expects Satyam to deliver superior value and improved service levels.

In addition, Satyam will manage Nissan’s Customer Relationship Management (Siebel) applications post deployment. Satyam also plans to provide engineering services to Nissan Europe and Japan.

About Satyam
Satyam Computer Services Ltd. (NYSE: SAY), the leading global consulting and information technology services company, provides a comprehensive scope of services, to help customers re-engineer and re-invent their business, to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace. Nearly 35,000* highly skilled professionals in Satyam are engaged in onsite, offsite, offshore, and nearshore operations, to provide customized business solutions for companies across several industries. Satyam’s concepts have resulted in technology-intensive transformations that have met the most stringent international quality standards. Satyam has Development Centers in the USA, the UK, the UAE, Canada, Hungary, Malaysia, Singapore, India, China, Japan, and Australia. These centres serve 521* global companies, of which 157* are Fortune Global 500 and Fortune US 500 corporations. Satyam’s global presence spans 55 countries, across six continents.

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