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Jeffrey Milliner :
Automotive Front-End Modules / Materials


Jeffrey Milliner :
Bayer MaterialScience LLC Unveils Innovative Solutions for Automotive Front-End Modules

Engineer Highlights New Technologies and Design Concepts from Bayer MaterialScience at Annual Industry Conference

Marty Boykin, Ph.D., manager, product information development for BMS, presented Future Auto Solutions: A Survey of Technologies for Front-End Modules in a session on “Innovations.” The presentation highlighted developments by the company in four key areas: front bumper/energy absorbers, pedestrian safety, lighting systems and paint film.

In the first segment of his presentation, Dr. Boykin outlined pedestrian safety solutions and new design concepts for bumpers based on energy-absorbing polyurethane foam and polycarbonate-based injection-molded thermoplastics. Through front-end geometry, controlled deformation of the bumper beam and material applications, the BMS Automotive Bumper Beam Program offers greater pedestrian safety, parts consolidation, modularity and integration.

“Most limb injuries occur due to a direct blow from the bumper and the leading edge of the hood,” said Boykin. “A bumper beam with an integrated airbag or an injection-molded bumper filled with variable density foam facilitates energy displacement and absorption while meeting MNSTA and IIHS crash test ratings for most vehicle types.”

Dr. Boykin’s segment on lighting systems included material and design advancements in LED optics and lenses for forward lighting. In addition to showing statistics on optical performance, appearance performance, impact performance and heat resistance, Dr. Boykin also discussed color infusion for decorative elements in the lighting assembly and transparent polyurethanes for cast or milled optics. Amber LEDs formed from Makrolon® polycarbonate for the 2007 Cadillac Escalade as well as high-performance white LED headlamps for other automakers were featured.

Finally, Dr. Boykin’s segment on film technologies for polymeric body panels outlined the process, structure and application of four basic technologies – paintable film, coextruded colored films, laminated films and thermoformable coating films.

“There is good weight-saving potential and design freedom inherent in using polymeric body panels,” noted Dr. Boykin, “as well as tolerance against minor damage. There also are potential cost savings for niche vehicles and complex designs.”

Although this presentation focused on front-end modules, customers are able to efficiently leverage the wide range of advanced materials and technologies – from polyurethanes and polycarbonates, to thermoplastic polyurethanes and coatings, adhesives and sealants – offered by BMS for a number of interior and exterior automotive applications, added Dr. Boykin.

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