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Angela Green :
OPTIS launches version of software SPEOS, integrated in CATIA V5, bringing optimization to automotive lighting design


Angela Green :
OPTIS, the world’s leading lighting software provider announces a major enhancement to the way light knowledge is managed in its new version of SPEOS CAA V5 Based. In line with its vision to improve and simplify lighting design, and thanks to continuous investments in R&D, SPEOS CAA V5 Based V5.0 is now directly connected to Product Engineering Optimizer (PEO), part of CATIA V5 from Dassault Systèmes. This ground-breaking development opens up huge opportunities for lighting designers to accelerate their exploration and optimization of design alternatives, while still respecting complex specifications. The simultaneous optimization of optics and mechanics means that color, reflections, human perception and perceived quality can now be optimized for the first time.

This world première offers new capabilities for lighting designers, stylists and ergonomists. Until today, optics was reserved for specialists due to the need for specific knowledge. Now light can be easily managed and optimized affordably by a majority of mechanical designers, stylists, architects and ergonomists.

Applications are numerous:
In the automotive industry for instance, the time required to virtually validate head lamps and tail lamps will be cut in half by using this new optimization tool box.
In the Aerospace and Automotive areas, engineers are able to drastically reduce the negative impact of the reflections inside the vehicle and the cockpit. Lots of parameters can now be taken into account to automatically find the best configuration out of millions. This was not possible before this powerful PEO connection.
For the first time, color can be optimized! For example light sources composed of assemblies of colored LEDs can be automatically piloted, controlled and optimized according to the targeted project specifications.
This major innovation also opens a new field never explored until now: the optimization of human perception. Indeed, SPEOS is the only software able to really simulate what a human sees thanks to its unique human eye model included in its SPEOS solution. Not only can perceived quality, visual ergonomics and human vision be simulated but also, for the first time, they can be optimized! This leads the way to the improvement of visual comfort, safety, performance and ergonomics of vehicles, aircrafts, helicopters, buildings, cell phones, LED systems, …

This SPEOS evolution will allow users to benefit for the first time from advanced knowledgeware solutions for their lighting design. Thus implicit design methods are turned into explicit knowledge, thereby obtaining the optimum design. Light management will be hugely improved, product quality greatly enhanced, and cost and time savings increased. Knowledge and product development will constantly evolve. The new optimization process will allow designers to make the right decision, faster. As virtual prototypes will be created, tested and presented much more rapidly, their quality will be unequalled and decision makers will be able to quickly validate projects.

OPTIS has opened new horizons with these developments, and will continue in this direction.
Future versions will be oriented to further improve the optimization process, to increase the knowledge management and to make the understanding of light behavior easier for all.

The lighting performance of this tail lamp has been optimized
to obtain best possible efficiency and lit appearance

About Optis : OPTIS is the first company in the world to integrate solutions for the simulation of light, 100% based on a physical model, in a CAD software. Specialised in optics and in software development, OPTIS has launched several innovative solutions since it was founded in 1989. Its software solutions respond to the needs of industry, research and architecture and are used in 36 countries worldwide, with more than 5500 licences sold. They are available in standalone version and also versions integrated in CATIA V5 and SolidWorks by Dassault Systèmes. They include photometry, optics, colorimetry, lighting, visual ergonomics and photorealism, all based on physical reality thanks to their libraries of measured materials and sources. OPTIS is SolidWorks Gold Partner for its software OptisWorks, and Dassault Systèmes Software Partner for SPEOS CAA V5 Based, integrated in CATIA V5. Information about OPTIS is available at

OPTIS Communications Manager : Angela Green. Email :

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