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40 years of oil left, 5,500,000,000 years of sunshine left - Choose Wisely


Steve Heckeroth :
Solar Charged Electric Cars

Fossil fuel dependence is a double-edged sword of pollution and climate change on one blade and depletion and economic chaos on the other

As our leaders and industry ignore the approach of Climate Change and ?Peak Oil?the resources and wealth to build a renewable energy infrastructure are squandered.

Efficient Vehicle Solutions Exist
Solar Roofs Can Charge Electric Vehicles

Imagine efficient electric vehicles that could be charge from renewable sources and drive onto a raised rail and safely travel at 180 mph with fuel efficiency equivalent to 280 mpg

Rich, I planted squsah near the end of April with fear that we would have another frost. Mother nature was kind to me. I´ve completed preparing my Tatsoi and Squash dish. Later this evening I will post it. So, please return and look forward to hear your comments.

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