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Jost Zetzsche :
GM makes translation memories available for licensing through TM Marketplace


Jost Zetzsche :
GM Service Parts and Operations has made available more than 1.9 million translation units of its translation memories (TMs) in six language combinations (English to German, European Spanish, Canadian French, Italian, Mexican Spanish and Dutch) for licensing through TM Marketplace. This makes GM the first major corporation to use TMs for more than just streamlining its own translation processes by following TM Marketplace´s model. GM will expand the use of its TMs by directly monetizing their value through licensing them, in the process aiming to further GM´s terminological lead in the automobile industry.

For greater usability, the licensable TMs are divided into subcategories that include service data, bulletins, owner manuals, navigation manuals and base tables (titles). These databases are available for licensing individually by language combination and/or subcategory in TMX format.

By using GM´s translation memories, companies in the automobile industry using TM technology will be able to either jump start or dramatically improve their foreign language capabilities.

TM Marketplace ( acts as a broker between owners of existing TMs and interested parties who want to use those databases. A license granting the right to use is brokered rather than the actual purchase of the TM content. Owners of TMs retain full ownership of their property at all times, but they receive a license fee from every new licensee who uses their database.

In this way, TM Marketplace provides an avenue for TM owners to gain an immediate return on investment from their translation assets. And at the same time, TM Marketplace offers an opportunity for other companies or individuals to access these untapped linguistic resources by purchasing a license for the content.

As a broker, TM Marketplace furnishes a well-researched legal framework, a contractual system and a central clearinghouse that brings together a broad range of owners and buyers.

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